GSOHub Tools

The GSO provides various services to our clients through our GSOHub including Employee Workshops, Contract Management, Asset Management, and Transaction Management at no cost:


At the heart of the GSOHub are our Transaction Management tools, where Subscribers gain critical visibility and insight into their daily transactions. This real-time visibility updates Affiliates’ progress throughout the entire negotiation cycle and our reporting tool enables self-service functionality for all Subscribers.

Employee Workshops

Unlike pricey consultant-driven workshops that offer little value after the initial slide deck, SPARC leverages employee institutional knowledge to prioritize cost savings measures. The success, driven by a minimum investment of time from employees, ensures employee satisfaction while generating and executing ideas leading to significant cost savings.

The GSOHub-CM Contract Management

The GSOHub-CM is a robust and AI-driven contract management platform that includes a centralized repository for contract documents and information, automated, workflows, formatted templates, as well as data-driven, analytic reporting capabilities that help optimize future contracts.
Asset Management Icon


Our asset management tool, The GSOHub-AM, has all the features and functionality of best-in-class asset management tools the market has come to expect, providing insight to Subscribers on the location of various types of equipment.